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December 4, 2022

Organising a Stag Party in the UK

If you are on this page, most probably you are looking for information about a stag party and what goes into it because you have the responsibility of organising one.

Stag parties have been in existence since the 5th Century BC! The Spartans are believed to have been the first people who decided to make a celebration of the last night of a single man’s life. Stag parties have evolved over time and are no longer the kind of parties that you have experienced during the medieval days. A stag party also called a stag do or bachelor party is, and can be an awesome experience. A stag party is part of the whole wedding experience. If you are the one to organise a stag party, remember that always. Stag parties have the potential of breaking a marriage before the wedding is even over. However, stag parties can be a great time where the groom, his friends and family can have time to wind down and cool from the hectic pace of preparing for the wedding.

stag party toastThere are different stag party traditions all over. The key factors that make stag parties different is the duration of the stag party, the venue, cost, who attends and how crazy is the stag party going to be. Again remember a stag night or weekend can be a very fulfilling and satisfying experience. Every party requires that you take pen and paper and prepare it. Otherwise, you will forget and overlook some key factors that need to be in the party. The following are some of the things to think about and when planning a stag party in the UK.

1. T-shirts

Nothing makes a stag party or weekend fun like all the guys wearing the same t shirt that is tailor made for the groom. In fact, dressing up is a central theme in stag parties. You can have your t-shirts tailor made to fit your specific stag party needs. The prices are generally low, and a stag party t-shirt is also a great memento.

2. Who will be going for the party

Work with the groom and get the name of the people he want in his stag party. This should include their phone number and email addresses, Facebook pages or whats app contacts. Make sure you know how to get in touch with each one of them and keep the communication lines open. A Facebook page or a whats app group for the stag event will come in handy in disseminating any new info concerning the party. It also advisable to get any relevant info from the groom about the people he wants to attend the stag party. Seek consensus form these guys. Ask opinion on a possible dates for the stag party, possible location and suggested activities. The stag party should be the weekend before the wedding or earlier. Give the poor bloke a few days to grow his eyebrow back and recover. Be very democratic but try to appease the groom and his expectations.

3. Who will organise the stag party?

Do you require the services of a professional events organiser who specialises in stag parties? This is another critical question to answer. The rule of the thumb is you engage the services of a stag party organiser. Organising is hectic and will definitely draw your attention away from enjoying the event as you keep on following up on logistics. If you would want to go it alone, have a database of possible service providers including hotels that are comfortable with stag parties, strippergrams if you need one, transport providers and anything else need to organise a stag party.

4. Where will the stag party be held

This is a very crucial question to answer. In the UK there is a wide range of venues to chose from. Your stag party event organiser can show you some to chose from. Either the groom can answer that question or a small clique of mutual friends can help you to answer it. Make sure it’s not anywhere near the hen party (the bride and her girls equivalent to a stag party). A point to note is that stag parties involve different activities not just lap dances. The choice of where to go for the party will therefore determine what kind of activities to do. The opposite is equally true; the kind of activities you would want to do will determine the location of the stag party. This will also help you to decide on the where to stay if it’s a whole weekend party. You can also rent an apartment or a private home.

5. Activities

A stag party is made fun and memorable by the kind of activities that the guys do during the stag party. The following are possible stag party activities to chose from:

– Urban golfing.
– Casinos.
– Night clubs.
– Bar clubs and sport bars.
– Kayaking.
– Stand up comedy shows in London.
– Fancy dressing.
– Hiking and biking.
– Bungee jumping.
– Private parties where anything goes.

go karting stag weekendThe duration of the stag party determines the kind of activities you do. A whole weekend stag party will definitely have more activities as opposed to a one night or one day party. Remember, be creative and wild in the activities you come up. These activities should have a central theme or focus: THE GROOM. It is his party. All effort should go to make sure he is central in the activities. This does not mean that he needs to know what activities are going to take place. For example if one of the activities is to have him dress up and go to a bar and flirt with a random lady, well that’s something he doesn’t need to know. Make sure you play practical jokes on him. In fact, a stag party is not a stag party if there is no practical jokes played on the groom. Handcuff him to a lamp pot, get him drunk and put him in a long distance train, have him dress up as a lady in a bar and have men hit on him. Go the whole mile. But make sure you respect him and his fiance.

6. Who will pay for the stag party?

Stag parties cost money. Depending on the duration of the party and the kind of activities to do, the cost can be steep for the groom. If its possible, have the guys attending the stag party to chip in something to minimise the burden on the groom. Make sure that the events organiser you hire to plan the party for you gives you a ball park figure. If you chose to plan the party yourself, have some money over your expected cost of the party as a miscellaneous figure. It should be around 30 % of the expected cost of the party.

7. Booking

Make sure that all the necessary bookings are done in time. Get confirmation even if an organiser is handling the planing for you. Do not create enemies by doing a shoddy job organising the stag party.

8. Traveling

You have the venue decided on and booked and you know who is coming for the party. Make adequate and realistic travel arrangements. Be realistic but at the same time adventurous. Nothing beats arriving at a night club in a semi trailer but traveling 500 hundred miles in a vintage car is just plain stupid. As you plan on the travel logistics agree on a central place to meet especially if the traveling is communal and out of town. Agree also on the time to leave when the party is over. Take into consideration any one who will be late or will leave early and make alternative transport means for them.

Go have fun and enjoy the last single days of the groom.

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