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September 29, 2022

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Traditional British Cream Tea

cream tea

Cream Tea, also known as Devonshire Cream Tea is an afternoon snack that’s served and enjoyed in a local tea room. Believed to have originated in Devon and Cornwall during the early 11th Century, typical cream tea will serve scones with clotted cream, fruit jam on the side and accompanied with a nice warm cup of tea. 

A favourite British past time

An afternoon cream tea is a British pastime and gathering enjoyed by many people throughout the country, as well as visitors and tourists from all over the world. The idea of unwinding with close ones whilst enjoying a locally made scone and clotted cream became very appealing and fashionable, so you would often find Tea Houses, Cafe’s and many establishments offering their own cream tea menu.

National Cream Tea Day

With its rise in popularity, the National Cream Tea Day was added in 2015, taking place on the last Friday in June of each year. Naturally, cream tea became more common outside of Cornwall and Devon that it can now be enjoyed in hotels, bread and breakfast, cosy team rooms, British coastlines, weddings, special events or even at the comfort of your home.

Cream Tea etiquette guide

Cream tea is best enjoyed when you’re by following a common local tea room etiquette. Given the controversial debate over jam or cream first in your scones, there is no right answer, but it’s worth knowing both preferences from Cornwall and Devon.

  • Only use your knife to spread the fruit jam and clotted cream in your scones. There is no need to slice your scone with a knife since it can easily split apart by pulling both halves with your hands
  • Set your required jam on the side of your plate before applying it directly to your scone halves. Adding butter underneath your jam and cream is common too depending on your preference
  • Devonshire method: Add your cream first before your fruit jam (since they believe that you wouldn’t add your fruit jame spreads before butter on toast)
  • Cornwall method Add your fruit jam before your cream (since they believe that a fruit jam acts as a barrier between a warm scone and the clotted cream, thus preventing the cream from melting)

Famous Cream Tea rooms to visit in the UK

Fingle Bridge Inn, Drewsteignton, Devon: The Fingle Inn is located in a picturesque riverside with the backdrop of the Teign waters passing through a quaint stone grey arched bridge. The cosy and homely atmosphere and daily special cream teas made it a popular tourist spot for many decades.

The Mowhay, Truro, Cornwall: The converted barn cottage offers welcome cream teas to lodgers at no cost at all, so visitors can help themselves with the farmer’s wife’s homemade scones, homemade fruit jams and a tub of local cornish clotted cream in the fridge, as they overlook the distant meadows and tranquil wind farms on the patio table.

What Is a Typical British Afternoon Tea?

British afternoon tea is a traditional meal that involves a variety of light finger food served with a warm cup of afternoon tea. A typical afternoon tea menu would have bite-size crustless sandwiches accompanied with pastries, scones with clotted cream, and served with a nice hot cuppa. Favourite teas for beverages include black teas like earl grey, herbal mint teas, or fruit-flavoured selections.

Origins and concept of afternoon tea

Historically, afternoon tea was a common pastime for the high society, especially when ladies would have a leisure afternoon gathering with close friends and unwind whilst snacking on assorted snacks and tea. It was initially developed as a private social event for ladies who climbed the upper-class society during the early 1840s. It was only when Queen Victoria engaged in the afternoon tea ceremony that it became popularised.

Types of afternoon tea

Although many foreigners and tourists think of afternoon tea as having a set menu, many variations and occasions can go with the meal.

Cream Tea: The simplest form of afternoon tea is a cream tea, a light meal including scones and cream accompanied by a pot of tea. Sweet scones are best served with cornish clotted cream or fruit jam, but there’s also an option for a savoury scone flavour.

Light Tea: By adding more desserts and sweet snacks on top of cream tea, you get light tea. A random assortment of homemade cakes and sweet British pastries to nibble on whilst sipping on your tea of choice is the best way to enjoy a Light Tea.

Full Tea: With the addition of bite-size savoury foods like egg mayonnaise sandwiches, smoked salmon with cream cheese, ham and mustard, and cucumber, you get full tea. Ordering all sets of three menus is common in large gatherings and special events.

Formal or non-formal occasions?

Today, afternoon tea can take place on casual or special occasions, and most receptions would take place between 16:00 and 19:00. In the UK, afternoon tea is usually enjoyed as an occasional indulgence or a special event to celebrate birthdays, baby showers or pre-wedding parties with friends. There are plenty of establishments that offer a premium and delicate experience, and at the same time, you’ll find many restaurants and hotels in the country that provide affordable menus.…

Quirkiest restaurants in London

London is home to plenty of quirky things including places to eat! If you’re looking to visit in London and are looking to experience a completely different eating experience, then read on as we’ve listed the coolest places to dine!


The sketch (see above image) is located in Mayfair which is not too far from Soho. The restaurants are filled with pink velvet sofa chairs and decorated with wall sketches from a British artist called David Shrigley. Another unique feature that you may want to check out while you’re in there is their egg-shaped toilets! It’s the perfect place for people who love art and quirky things.

Bob Bob Ricard 

Bob Bob Ricard is located in Soho. The restaurant is decorated with a classic art-deco all around. One of their quirks is having a button where you can directly order a champagne by one press! Just be aware that you will need to book a table before dining in. The average cost of dining in is around £60-£70.

Cats Cafe Des Artistes

The restaurant doesn’t actually have any real cats lounging around, in fact, it’s a family business that is highly themed with Thai decors. The whole style of the restaurant is completely surprising considering it’s called a ‘Cat Cafe’.

Dans Le Noir

Dans Le Noir let you eat your food in total darkness. Don’t even think that you can get away with using your mobile devices as a source of light as they are not allowed to be used inside the restaurant. Another thing that makes them different is that most of their staff are registered blind. It can be a fun and challenging experience to go with your friends or family.

Petersham Nurseries Cafe

The restaurant is known for its mixed hippy and chic decoration. The atmosphere of their greenhouse garden is one of the main quirks of the restaurant. The budget for dining in would cost you around £50-£60 per head.


Best Food Festivals in the UK

The UK holds hundreds of food festivals throughout the year and all around the area. You will find different kinds of food festivals from English food to cultured cuisines! Another great thing about these festivals is that most of them are free of entrance! Most food festivals can be found in the green spaces in the UK, and that includes the national park too! So if you’re a food lover, check out some of our recommendations below.

Loch Lomond Food and Drink Festival

The Loch Lomond Festival occurs during the month of September, and it is held in the Trossachs National Park. The festival consists of great local foods, and it’s free to enter. You can also join the haggis eating competition and watch some local music bands in the event.

Rothbury Food and Craft Festival

The Rothbury food and craft festival was first founded in 2008 were locals hosted a variety of food stalls open for everyone to try. A few years later on, they are now hosting, even more, food stalls than ever. Not only do they have some delicious foods but there are also plenty of crafts stalls available! The festival will be open in the summer time from April to May.

Baytown Beer Festival

For beer lovers, Baytown festival is perfect for you. The festival occurs in August and December. It is located in the beautiful village of Robin Hood’s Bay. The festival is filled with numerous types of ales and local drinks available for purchase. They also hold other small activities and events during the festival.

Chili Fiesta

Chili Fiesta is held in South Downs National Park during the month of August. 140 stalls offer different kinds of chilli foods and plants which are all locally produced! They also feature a walled glasshouse garden that showcases a large variety of chilli grown in the area!

Scooby’s Boutique Coffee Bar

Quirky English Cafes To Visit


This unusual mash-up of influences describes itself rather mysteriously as a “lifestyle space”. It takes the form of a restaurant serving traditional Korean food, a cafe/bakery offering fresh coffee and pastries, and a 1950s-inspired hair salon all wrapped into one. The concept is an experiment by stylist and director Ki Lee, who has since expanded the hairdressing business to a small chain, but the cafe keeps evolving too and is well worth a visit.


Offering an unusual concept, this Russian cafe provides unlimited cups of tea as well as biscuits for customers no matter how long they stay – you just pay for the time you’re there. The fee is only a few pence per minute so you can pay hardly anything for a quick drink, and even if you stay for an hour or two you’re only spending a few pounds.…

traditional drink UK

Old Fashion British Pubs to Enjoy your Times

When you visit Britain, there are a lot of things to enjoy especially when it comes to entertainment and the wide variety of foods and drinks you get. Some of the things that attract a lot of people are the old fashion British pubs that remind people of the rich history of Britain. At these traditional pubs you can enjoy your time as you drink your favorite beer, wine in a very conducive and entertaining environment. Most people do not really understand what a traditional pub looks like and how it is different from other types of pubs that you come across in the United Kingdom.

An excellent example of a traditional pub would be The Dog and Whistle Pub in Hertford. With an industrial and vintage feel, it is a popular watering whole in the Hertfordshire area. Apart from the pub, they also have a restaurant and boutique rooms – which are great for events and the like.…

fish and chips

History of Traditional British Food

There are a lot of foods that you get served with when you visit the United Kingdom. Some of the foods are the modern ones while others are the traditional foods. Most visitors who come into the country enjoy traditional foods because they give the taste of how life was during the historical times. Most of the foods have their own history that dates back many years. To help you understand the history of some of the British food, this article gives you history of British foods.…