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November 30, 2022

7 Historial Places to visit in UK

When you are visiting the United Kingdom, there are several places and also many activities that you can do to spice up your tour. UK is known to be one of the cities in the world with high number of great attractions including the historical and modern ones that you can visit. This article offers you some of the Kings and Queens and the historical buildings you can visit in the UK.

Buckingham palace


This is one of the greatest buildings with seven hundred and seventy five rooms. It is the official residence of the queen and one of the few remaining royal palaces in the entire world today. All the state rooms you see here are lavishly decorated and are open for all visitors during the summer months. You can also visit it all other months to witness the famous changing the guard.

Hampton Court Palace

This is the famous residence of King Henry VIII who had six wives. Each of the wives lived here and this is the similar place where the king proposed to Jane Seymour who was his third wife. Inside the court palace there are costumed guides who bring the palace’s five hundred years of Royal history to life. On the outside, you get the formal gardens where you can have a lot of fun as you get lost in the magnificent maze.


Kensington Palace

Kensington palace is another intriguing historical royal palace you can visit when you are in the United Kingdom. Here you will be able to discover stories that date back to thousand of years ago. You will learn about Queen Victoria’s life and also learn more about the secrets of a fragile dynasty found in the Queen’s State Apartment.

Queens Gallery

This is a gallery that contains arts of work from the Royal Collection. It was constructed forty years ago at the Buckingham Palace, from the ruins of a chapel that was damaged by a bomb. In addition to this, there are also is also a changing programme of other temporary exhibitions that you can enjoy too.

Royal mews

These mews found in the Buckingham palace is an operational stable and home for the royal collection of historical carriages and coaches. It also has a lot of cars that were used for state occasions in the historic times. The greatest site in this place is the Gold State Coach, which was even used in 2002 as part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Tower of London

tower of london

This is a historical building that dates back to 1066 and also during the Norman Conquest. It is one of the most famous tourist spots in the city because it documents history of London covering over eight centuries. It has history from the notorious prisoners, royal family and politicians. Here you also see the oldest exhibition in the world, lines of Kings, armour of the old rulers as well as the traitor’s gate.

Windsor Castle

Found in the outskirts of London is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the entire world. It is set in the small borough of Windsor, a rural town that offers a great opportunity for a day trip. Here you experience the changing of the guard, thirty nine state rooms and the most famous Dolls House, that is the most popular royal palaces for visitors and the locals.

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