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December 6, 2022

5 Royal English Landmarks To Visit

For many tourists visiting England, the royal family represents a particularly interesting part of our history and culture. The legacy of the monarchy in the country goes back countless centuries and there is an enduring fascination with all things royal. Fortunately there are plenty of opportunities across the country to visit important landmarks and historical sites where you can learn more about the amazing characters that have ruled our country in the past, as well as our current Queen Elizabeth II.

The State Rooms, Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace State Rooms

The Queen’s iconic London residence is of course the most recognisable and impressive royal landmarks in the country by most people’s reckoning. The State Rooms are the part of the palace that guests are allowed to visit today, although they are still in use for official ceremonies and occasions. There are nineteen State Rooms, mostly retaining the style they were given in the 1820s by King George IV (it was during this renovation that the building was transformed from merely Buckingham House into Buckingham Palace). In the State Rooms you’ll find stunning pieces of furniture and works of art from the Royal Collection, and be given a guided tour explaining the fascinating events that have taken place in each one.

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Althorp House

Althorp House

This famous, 13,000-acre Northamptonshire estate is the site of a stunning, Grade I listed stately home. For more than five centuries Althorp House has been occupied by the notable Spencer family, and is currently owned by the brother of the late Princess Diana. The mansion itself has stood since 1688 and is currently home to a vast collection of fabulous antique paintings, ceramics, furnishings and more works of art. The famous stables are well worth a visit, and the annual Literary Festival has been a notable attraction for many years.

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Richard III’s Burial Site

Richard III Burial Site

Following the global excitement at the discovery of King Richard III’s remains in Leicester after more than half a millennium, a new popular tourist attraction has emerged in the last two years. The king’s remains are now buried inside Leicester Cathedral, and just opposite the site you can visit the award-winning exhibition to learn in detail about the history behind his death and the circumstances of the recent discovery.

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Sandringham Estate

Sandringham Estate

The Queen’s official residence during the winter months is this beautiful Norfolk estate. Its tranquil gardens are immaculately maintained throughout the year, while inside the house itself you’ll find countless items of royal memorabilia, many of them extravagant gifts from visiting dignitaries and royals from around the world. During the summer is the perfect time to see Sandringham Estate at its finest.

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Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle

Situated right on the rocky coastline of Cornwall, this legendary castle is steeped in history and exciting tales. Tintagel is primarily associated with the story of King Arthur, but has long since inspired many famous artists and writers thanks to its unique charm and dramatic setting. An excellent choice if you’re touring England with children, this amazing castle is intertwined with the caves and cliffs of its surroundings making it a fantastic place to explore.

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